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Be The Boss

My name is ANDREAS SHIINDI if my name sounds familiar to you it’s because I have been a successful businessman for a long time. You may have probably heard of me OR my Company (Home Business Solutions), for years now, my ads have appeared in all the home biz magazines and most classified sections of many newspapers …Our Company have helped a lot of people like you to make money from home.

I’m in the world’s most interesting business that has to do with making money from home (during free time) and it works!! I make more money than most of the people that are working in executive positions and I do it in just a fraction of the time they spend on those “pressure cooker” jobs.

That’s the best part of this business I work for myself .No boss …No time clocks … No politics …No threat of layoffs I am in complete control of my income and financial future. If I wanted to, I could quit right now and live off my earnings for the rest of my life. But why should I? I am having too much fun… making money every day.

Now You Can Get A Piece Of This Action

I make this claim to you now with complete confidence and conviction …you too can earn big cash every week at home in your spare time, doing a simple little task for my company.


 This Opportunity  has nothing to do with

  • multi-level marketing.
  • Investing real estate.
  • Blogging.
  • Writing &translating  jobs.
  • Home assemble or any other income opportunity you may have read or tried.

This is something unique and exciting. Its field is mushrooming into big cash since this business is largely untapped you have tremendous growth potential.

What this means that those who get in now stand to make incredible profits in record time! The most remarkable thing about this business is that it’s so simple, easy to do and in such huge demand anyone can make money doing it.

You don’t need a high school education or previous experience. Even if you never worked a day in your life, you can start making an immediate income!

You can operate this business in a spare room or your kitchen table you don’t need to invest in any equipment or supplies. I will supply you with all the knowledge and the “know-how” you need based on my business experience.

Why Am I Willing To Cut You In

Don’t get me wrong I am not handing over my hard earned  ready to go money –making system and secrets because I have a great big heart.

I am letting you in on this fabulous income opportunity because I stand to make even more money helping you get rich. Therefore; I am only interested in you if you are serious about becoming financial free and willing to follow my easy, step by step blue print for this program.

If making a lot of money isn’t your goal or if you are just plain lazy –you can stop reading right now. Pass this information along to someone who is willing to work for the finer things in life.

I am not talking about tedious or stressful work. I am talking about fun work the kind that will make you feel like a kid in an amusement park. All you have to do is to follow my easy –to –understand procedures that are clearly written in plain English.

It’s as easy as one –two –three. But just in case you have questions you can always contact me to help you, if you think making money require hard work, my program will completely change your mind. I will provide everything you need to start making more money than you can imagine right away. It’s fun work, not hard.

My Success Depends Upon Yours, Its time to get instant payments…

I will pay you handsomely for your effort. You will make big money just by following my simple instructions! You will collect big profits for a task that may take you only 45 or 90 minutes a day.

This offer is a legitimate, profitable, work at home business opportunity. We are looking for a small group of serious, reliable people to whom we can let in in our money making method.

When we get the number we need this offer will be withdrawn, without further notice. I won’t give you false hopes! I am being completely honest and up front with you .THAT’S THE ONLY WAY I DO BUSINESS!

How This "Facebook Cash Plugin" Works

Make Money 7 Days A Week! 365 DAYS A YEAR

Home Business Solutions
is a fast growing mail order company we sell various in demand products and program that Teach people HOW to earn extra income (people like earning extra cash and a lot of people are part of our programs)

This program is now available to smartphone users. For the first time ever, you will be able to make money with your mobile phone.
All you need is the two things…

Internet Connection and Computer or Smart Phone.


All you have to do is copy our readymade ADS and paste them on to our Software (Facebook Cash Plugin). We have a web based software that will do the posting on Facebook groups for you on auto-pilot and you get paid massive commissions every Wednesday.

You are not going to be used as a guinea pig, this is already working 100% for me and other people. I can guarantee that it will work just for you as well. Check out my PayPal account balance!

I have people like you that use my system and they get payments every Wednesday I am not talking silly income here I am talking about income that will make you bank account to keep growing even after paying all your bills .

I will give you step by step video training today how to get started, even if you never made any money online before.
You can also post on classifieds sites like these below if you have time.

Here are some sites you can post our ready made ads.,,,,,, and many more I will give you in our step-by-step training you will get today.

The software will post on Facebook groups not on your wall or time line! Don’t worry, you will not be bothering your friends, no recruiting or selling potions and pills. I will show you how to get to the most effective groups that I personally use to get up to 475 leads per day and make thousands every week.

As you can see I am on over 2000 groups yes that’s over two thousand groups ,my software does the posting 24/7 for me and people opt-in and our automated system does all the explaining and selling and money keep coming all day.

That’s the advantage of this business!! Everything else is automated except the part of copying the readymade ads into the software. You can even schedule it to do automatic posting even while you are on vacation or at work.

You are going to love this especially if you have never made money online before or you have been struggling. I have given people like you this very same opportunity and they like it.

Look people are doing this every day I feel you are left behind that’s why we invited you to this page.

If you keep doing the same B.S (You Know What I Mean) old school out dated methods then forget about earning thousands per week. Old school methods will keep you earning peanuts, if you want real money then you need real tested and proven systems by people like you.

FaceBook Cash Plugin is the real deal…
It enables ordinary people to Cash in on the internet using facebook.

Everything You Need To start making money is ready today!

You will receive a complete ready to go "Facebook Cash Plugin".
Big instant Commission?
(That’s great for such an easy task look at how much one can make with this):
We sell various programs and products you get a guaranteed $ 25 (N$250) for every sale that means you can easily earn up to $ 200  or more every day if you are serious.


Income Estimator:

Sales per day      daily income      monthly income
4                      $100               $3000
6                      $150               $4500
8                      $200               $6000
12                     $300               $9000

Now take your calculator and just have fun think twice, how about 20 sales or 50 sales a day?  This is a real opportunity that can make you big cash…
Anyone can do it. Why spend your time sending emails to friends or wasting time on social sites and earn nothing?!!  Why can’t you do something that can help you earn something?  
Just look at the success other people are having with this opportunity.

Are you sick and tired of?

  • Living in debt?
  • Worrying about your financial future?
  • Not having money at the end of the month
  • Not being able to spoil yourself whenever you want to?

This could be your financial solution, whether you want to make a little or a lot of extra cash.

If you want to find a way to:

  • Become debt-free
  • Buy those extras every month
  • Just earn at least something to supplement what you get
  • Enjoy international holidays
  • Pay for your children's education
  • Afford some luxuries and spoil yourself

Then ...take up my offer today..

Why Giving You My Money Making System For You To Cash In At Home?

No way in the world I can email or post ads on all sites and groups to all the opportunity seekers in the world. The “dumps” economy has caused an explosion in the opportunity seeker market.

More people than ever are looking for ways to make extra cash from home. I can’t possibly mail to them or reach them all. I would rather earn $ 200 000 from people I will never reach than make nothing. Makes sense? By partnering with me, you pocket up to $25 (N$250) per sale, and everything you need to get started (the same day) is included in your kit!


Please Take Note this is a serious opportunity! I Only Want To Work With Serious People:

So if you are willing to conscientiously follow my simple step by step program I want you to get in now I assure you once you review my program you will be convinced that the income figures presented in this are real. Even so you may still decide the program isn’t for you. That’s fine there will be plenty of others who will be thrilled to join me.

Financial Success Is One Step Away

I am willing to send you all the specifics in a detailed mind-opening kit. It will prove to you that this is an honest, legitimate and realistic way to earn large sums of cash at home in your spare time… your dream of financial success and security can come true. You have my word, I guarantee you..

Time Does Not Wait.

It’s now all up to you! You can ignore this message as though you didn’t read it and miss this amazing opportunity or you can act up on it.
Time waits for no one! Will the next few days and coming weeks be a new financial start for your life? For a mare  $ 37 (N$ 349) you could change your life! What a small investment for a new and prosperous future.

This amazing "Facebook Cash Plugin" is available for you for only $ 37 (N$ 349) lets be real that almost nothing from your side compared to what you will make from this “FAST CASH MAILING PROGRAM”...

I am certainly thankful I live in the world of internet, an atmosphere of free enterprise and opportunity, but it means nothing if you don’t take advantage of it, if you just use the net to chat, watch video and read about celebrities then it’s time to change that, just 45 minutes of your day posting my advert can make you a fortune!  This is your chance to change your life style and your future.

I have been earning on the internet ever since 2010 and have showed a lot how to do the same just like I will show you today.

This easy to follow kit have everything you need there is no need to spend any money on anything else, you will start posting adverts immediately and these really interested people will go to the website that we will set up for you in minutes, people will opt-in we do follow ups and buy and you earn $ 25 (N$ 250) over and over like clockwork.

ALL you have to do is follow the step –by-step money –money making instructions I will send you. There is no other fee to pay or whatsoever this is fantastic...

Here is what is in the kit you will get in few minutes from now.

Pre-Written Ads. (The SAME Ads We PERSONALLY Use Every Day.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Get Started Making Money In 24 Hours!

A Website that will do the explaining and selling you you. We do support, admin, payments and our websites do the explaining and selling for you. ALL you DO is just post our readymade ads and that’s it


Satisfaction Guaranteed?

There is no way I would ask you to accept the "Facebook Cash Plugin" without my personal money back guarantee …
After you have reviewed carefully how to earn extra income with the "Facebook Cash Plugin"

If you are not satisfied for any reason within 7 days after getting this kit –just send me an email at  for a refund.
I will refund your purchasing money immediately! No hassles, no questions! I will mail you the refund steps  the same day, along with my thanks for at least looking it over.


…then don’t JOIN THIS! But if you do need cash or could use more, then GET IN now!

This offer will be withdrawn as soon as I reach the number of people that I want to work directly with!!

Here is how to order you just make an easy once in a life payment of $37 (N$ 349) to Home Business Solutions (deposit/transfer) or pay with pay pal. If you tried a lot of things then I can guarantee this will be the best opportunity you will ever get into

ACCOUNT DETAILS (N$ 349)          or            PAY WITH PAYPAL $ 37

Home Business Solutions Cc)              
Account No (62244938009)
Branch (280172)
(Windhoek Main Branch)             
Fnb (First National Bank) Cheque Account


You then send me an email or sms with your name, email address and the term "Facebook Cash Plugin" to my personal cell number OR email below , I usually don’t give my numbers out but I will give it to you as we will be partners in this profitable and exiting  venture   . If you pay online then you will be instantly be redirected to the thank you page to get started with everything.

This is already working for people like you.

In the next few days you could start a new life. It will be a life of joy. You will love doing this, i already know that! PEOPLE that are doing this are happy about this program… You work in your own time! Now it’s time for you to act!

Everyone that has ever become a part of this opportunity has quickly realized that this is not just another “pie in the sky” dream.

No jokes, this is the real thing.

It is a true, honest and brilliant opportunity.

You have ONLY one chance, and that chance is now only while there are few kits available!

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This entire package is available to you today for the
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NOTHING is left out! Today you SAVE a lot if you act now, just like that!
It is a once-off payment and you will not be required to make any other payments to us – there are no franchise fees, royalties, or any other fees whatsoever.

Can you imagine that?
Your own work at home opportunity for only $ 37 (N$ 349)! That is generating cash daily for people at home you will NEVER see this offer again!

Very Important: As you can appreciate, we can  only accept few people in this opportunity and  only have a limited number of kits for this price. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.
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GET YOUR OWN kit today.
Think about it this way. Yesterday was the last day of your old life – tomorrow begins a new chapter in your life - this is the opportunity you have been waiting for! You will never have to worry about anything ever again.

We guarantee this is the last opportunity program you will ever buy because it will fulfil your needs beyond your wildest dreams.
Let me ask you this: isn’t it more of a risk to do nothing than it is to do something?

DO NOTHING and your life is GUARANTEED NOT TO CHANGE do something and you have hopes for a better tomorrow…

Yours truly

Andreas Shiindi
Home Business Solutions  

Cell:    +264 0811466096 / +264 0812299428
Tel:     +264 (0)61 213324

(24/7) Customer Help line +264 0813688888
Postal Address: Po Box 95480 Windhoek, Namibia

PS: - Opportunities like this do not come along often, please do not miss it. Get yourself a kit today and you get started immediately! I will be grand to start earning fortunes with you.